Because everyone asks!

    (and a bit about what we believe in)

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    Alison & Tone - Vancouver Island

    When my son, Tone, was little, I always affectionately called him 'Sunshine.' As I started my painting company, I wanted him to be a part of it, so I cleverly spelled the name 'SONshine' to incorporate his nickname and allow for the possibility of both girls and guys (sons) to paint with us.


    I added 'girls' to the company name because, while working for someone else in the painting industry, I often encountered people who demanded to speak to a male boss or held the stereotype that women couldn't work in the trades. By emphasizing 'girls' in the name, I aimed to challenge this misconception head-on.


    The name Sonshine Girls Painting has been a success! I am proud to have amazing clients all over Mid Vancouver Island who support our company and the idea of women working alongside men in the trades.


    It has been an incredible journey.

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    We Believe

    • Collaboration beats competition
    • Nothing beats a good team
    • Communication is key
    • Laughter should take up a lot of space in lives
    • In hugging those you care about
    • Coffee is a good start to the day
    • In making choices today to make tomorrow easier
    • Your decisions today should ensure no regrets tomorrow
    • We can’t change other people
    • In leading by example
    • In trusting yourself
    • We believe you know what makes you feel good
    • Dealing with the trades should be as easy as possible



    ...the details matter


    (oh, and chocolate should be dark and Tequila is a sipping drink!)


    I know none of this seems to have anything to do with house painting but it does... anyone can paint but a company with standards is the better company to have in your home or business!