Our exclusive colour selection process is the solution to finding your perfect colour

  • I used to think I knew what people wanted when we talked about colour.


    It was a rude awakening to figure out all those years ago that I was just not that psychic!


    ... three things happened.





    I was at a paint store, and another painter was picking up his paint and the guy behind the counter said, “This is a hideous colour.”

    The painter said “Yep, I know”

    So, I asked, “Why not warn the client?”

    and the painter said “Not my problem, I just put it on the walls”  


    umm... yuk!

    Shortly thereafter, I was doing a painting estimate and the client was so angry with their last painter because of the colour on the walls.

    They were just so sad about spending the money and hating the results.


    umm... yuk!





    I started helping clients with colour selection and one day marvelled at how much all my clients liked the same palette as I did...

    and then...

    It dawned on me...


    ...it was because I was telling them what they were supposed to like because that was the palette that I liked!


    umm... yuk!


  • And the easiest, most accurate colour selection system was born

    (I mean it took a while, but I broke the code)

    All it took was me wanting to be part of the solution, listening to clients and understanding what was and wasn't working when people tried to pick colours.

    I found,

    People were looking at colour the wrong way

    People were insecure about speaking up about what they liked

    People didn't know how to trust their opinions

    People were being misled by the "professionals"


    This led me to create a simple 3-step colour selection system that helps clients learn how to pick a colour THEY loved.For those who have followed this system, we have had a 99% success rate.

    NOT YUK!

    (our clients get this process for free or we charge $200 an hour - it only takes about an hour - to teach people who are not our clients to gain the confidence to pick their own colours.)