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Decks & Other Horizontal Surfaces

The bane of our existence! I hate, yes, I know hate is a strong word, pricing and painting decks because I know in a couple of years, they will have to be repainted so it’s a money pit and I despise contributing to a money pit!

We have more success with hybrid deck paints (oil/latex emulsified product as discussed in a different blog article) than straight up latex or oil paint but truthfully, I think they all suck! If you can afford a composite decking, spend the money it will save you in the long run and you will never have to paint it.

Other horizontal surfaces information –

• Concrete -If you don’t have to paint it don’t. Once you paint something it becomes a maintenance issue –always a good thing to remember!

• Tops of deck rails and window sills –it is tempting to use the vertical paint you are using for your trim but resist the urge or easier yet paint all your trim with a horizontal paint. Paint doesn’t like to have anything sit on it and will fail just to prove that point to you so hedge your bet and use something that is designed for horizonal surfaces!