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The Sticky Subject of Paint Adhesion

This is a sticky subject. Adhesion refers to how well paint sticks to the surface it’s being applied to.

We used to have a lot of problems with compatibility when we used a lot of oil paint because people would put latex paint over oil paint and it would fail. This was typically because oil has quite a slick surface and latex wasn’t able to “grab” the surface and would fail.

This is less so a problem now because we don’t use oil inside but if you are painting a home that is older make sure the walls you are painting are not oil –easy trick… use nail polish remove with acetone and if the paint comes off it’s latex, if it doesn’t it’s oil –that works 95% of the time!

IF your walls are latex but are very glossy you want to give them a quick sanding prior to painting to dull up the surface. You don’t have to go crazy with a palm sander, because that is extreme (!) but pole sanding your walls is always best practice.