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Save Money or Save Time?

Save Money or Save Time?

We all know that if we hire someone to do something we have to pay them and if we do something ourselves it’s free… right? Wrong…

If you want your house painted and you spend every weekend for two months, prepping and painting your walls think of what that adds up to…

• Time away from the things you actually enjoy doing
• If you spend on average of 5 hours each day for 8 weeks that is 80 hours of your time
• How much would you get paid at your job to work 80 hours?
• Burnout because you don’t take time off for 8 weeks
• Frustration that you are not doing something right or making a mess

There is a price tag on everything. Your time is money so you can decide to spend your time working or you can pay someone to do that work and spending your time doing the things you actually enjoy.

Not only will you be able to spend your weekends with your family, friends or hobbies but professional painters can get the work done in a fraction of the time. They have the right tools, the knowledge and the experience.

The choice is yours. Money is something you can replenish. Time, once it is gone, there is no getting it back. How valuable is your time?