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Redecorating Tips

Redecorating Tips

I get lots of questions about decorating but these are the two most popular. When do I pick my colours? And… Should I buy that coloured couch or counter top etc?

When redecorating leave your colour choice to the end. My go to suggestion is to always start with the items with the fewest options. Those items most limited are things like cabinets and countertops, bedding, furniture or flooring. You are only going to find a few of those you really like. Start with the one that is most important to you and then let that guide your other choices. There are an infinite number of colour choices so leave that to last and then you can select your colours as a final piece to the puzzle when you have all your other components.

When it comes to coloured items… my tip is go as neutral as possible for those really expensive items. Yes that lime green silestone maybe be fabulous but will you still like it in 2 years when trends change and you change? If you are spending a lot of money on something you probably want to like it a really long time.

Instead of the blue couch, which can be challenging to decorate around, try a cream couch and then you can buy blue accents that aren’t nearly as expensive and when you tire of the blue you can switch it up easily and affordably and the couch will be timeless.