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Pressure is Good for Canning but Not In Business

Pressure is Good For Canning but Not in Business!

When I started my business 25 years ago integrity was a huge part of my core values and still is.
This is why I would never pressure anyone to pick us for painting or to even
getting painting done if I didn’t think it was the right choice.

When I hear companies say “sign at time of estimate for an additional “% off” my skin crawls. I
believe a person has the right to the time it takes to make the right decision
for them. Sometimes it’s us and sometimes it’s not and while I love it when
it’s us, at the end of the day it’s what fits best for the person doing the
hiring. Do we offer discounts sometimes with our advertising and is there a
date attached? Yes. But potential clients know in advance and there is no
in-the-moment pressure to sign on the dotted line.

When I hear “oh sure you can paint that” when there is a better option than paint… again, my skin
crawls. There is no integrity to painting something that shouldn’t be painted
unless it’s been made very clear that there are better options. Sometimes a
client has a good reason. For example, they probably should replace their
garage door but they had another big expense come up so they want to paint it
as a band aid until they can afford a new door – ok fair enough. Or maybe, their plan is to fill in the doorbecause they don’t want a garage, they want a home gym or studio etc. so
eventually the door will be removed altogether. But at the very least the conversation hasbeen had that paint is not the best option.

When I hear “you can’t paint half the exterior of your house” … my skin crawls.. that is just not
true... you can paint the high weather areas every 5 years and the whole house
every 10 years. It’s your house – do what you want!

Are there sometimes I suggest more work rather than less? Sometimes, if it makes sense for the job. If a clientwants to paint their walls this year and their ceilings next year I suggest
waiting and doing them together. The ceilings are cheaper if done at the same
time as the walls and they look better where they meet the top of the walls.
Same goes with trim… it’s cheaper when done at the same time as the walls...
And in those situations, I suggest that the client wait and do it all together
and do my very best to honour pricing for as long as I can.

Which brings me to pricing. When I hear “Pricing is only good for 30/60 days”… alas my skin
crawls. What is going to happen in those days which impacts the pricing so much
that people can’t have a bit of time to think about things and get their
finances in order. While we can’t always do it, we have honoured our pricing
for over 2 years.

What it all comes down to for me is “how would I want to be treated”? I would want time to think. I
would want information to help me plan and I would want to have honest options
and clear outlines of expectation.

So,with Sonshine Girls Painting, we pride ourselves in no pressure… take your
time… we are not going anywhere.

And don't just take our word for it...


Really appreciated the no pressure sales attitude from Tone when he came to look at our project. Also his efficiency while here doing the job. The workmanship looks very good. Haven’t seen it in the sunshine yet but that may be some time from now! I recommend their company. Wendy

While going through a particularly tough time in my life, I needed to repaint my house. Sonshine Girls Painting came and did a color consult for me. Alison spent the time with me to match the colors with my personality. She listened to my ideas and gave me suggestions that improved on my ideas. It was comfortable and friendly. The suggestions made a lot of sense for me in the end and the consult took a lot of pressure off me, which is what i needed at that time. I would recommend this company to anyone needing to get painting done. Professional, fun, and happy is how I would describe this company! Val

We were very happy with the paint job, the people who painted and the administration of Sonshine Girls. We particularly appreciated not having to pay the invoice until we were satisfied with the work. And they held their price over the course of two years which really impressed us! Thank you. Rick