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FIVE Great Reasons to Paint Interiors in the Winter

FIVE Great Reasons to Paint Interiors in the Winter

Back in the “good old days” interior painting in the winter was problematic.

  • The paints were toxic, 
  • The smell of oil paint hung in the air for days or weeks, 
  • Latex paint wasn’t much better
  • People got headaches or respiratory reactions

But now…. Those things have changed!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

Painting inside in the winter makes perfect sense these days for the following reasons:

  1. Paint is Low or No VOC (volatile organic compounds – which made paint durable but made us sick) which means we can paint indoors without having an adverse effect on people’s lives. 
  2. Paint companies tend to be a bit slower in the winter, so availability is better and scheduling more accurate. In the summer exterior jobs will often take priority as they are about protection and as of right now can only be done when the weather is nice and dry!
  3. The weather is horrible (if you are like me and don’t like the rain) so it’s a perfect opportunity (excuse!) to take a holiday, have your home painted and come back to a fresh new look.
  4. Winter can often be hard on us emotionally and a change of colour is a nice pick me up. 
  5. Summer months can be consumed with being outdoors and having adventures but in the winter, we tend to spend time hibernating like bears and are more able to find time to prepare rooms for painting or do the painting yourself.

Whether (no pun intended) you decide to paint your interior in the summer or the winter know that paint is so much safer for you, your family and your pets than they have ever been in the past. Watch for my next article where I dive deeper into Low VOC!

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