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Expensive VS. Cheap Paint

What to Buy?

You get what you pay for but you gottaknow what you need. If you are painting a crawl space that no one will ever seethen you don’t need to buy expensive paint. If you are painting a room that is never usedthen the most expensive paint is probably overkill.

Think of it this way. Each paint store will probably have

• Cheap paint –good for some but not many situations

• Mid-range paint –good for many projects and some paint suppliers have some pretty good paint in this category.

• Premium paint –it’s a bit more expensive and they have more features, maybe they dry faster so you can recoat faster, maybe they are a bit more durable. You will probably find a paint in this category to meet all your needs. It also is good to note that tend to all have scrubbable and washable surfaces (even their flat paints!) but that having been said a $30 semi-gloss paint may be as durable as a $80 flat!

• Elite paint –this is the most expensive paint a store has to offer and in my opinion are needed infrequently. These paints are like the premium paints on steroids and who really needs steroids?